Thursday, August 23, 2012

DIY Printed Skirt

Hey everyone! Well, I was in our sewing room and I came across this dress... it was quite big and somewhat hideous. So I decided to give it a remake over into a printed skirt. Now I 'm absolutely in love with it! If y'all what to do something like this then just fellow the easy DIY instructions.

If you have a drew that you what to turn into a skirt this is how you can do it: Fist cut the top half off, now cut to the length that your going to want it to go to. So,  size it up to you first, and hold your finger at the place your going to cut it. 

This dress was already hemmed. I would presume that yours is probably to if is store bought that is.

Your going to need some elastic. 

Size the elastic around your wast and fit it to a comfortable size, but also leave about a half of an icy extra for sewing it over.

Pin the material to the elastic.

You will need to overlap the material over the elastic.

When it's all pined and looks somewhat like this you may begin sewing!

As you are sewing make sure you keep the needle join in a straight line under the elastic. And remove the pins once your needle is at least a half an inch away from them.

Check a few time and make sure your sewing the elastic to the material. Because it could slip out from the overlap. And all you would be sewing is the material. 

Once you get to the end put the sewing needle in reverse and go back and forth over the part that ends the elastic.

And it's all finished! 

Hope this DIY project was easy enough for you! 


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